You’ve spent most of the day scrolling and searching for easy YouTube videos looking for a project that you could learn on your level only to discover they were either too advanced or too easy.  

It’s frustrating, I know because I’ve been there done that already.

Maybe you’ve taken an in person class but left with questions or unmastered techniques.  Class is over and you need more help.  Now what?

I’ve been there too.

That’s exactly why I created the Earrings by Angela J School Member’s Club!

As a monthly member you can expect:

*Ongoing support in our special Member’s Facebook group

*Live monthly Q&A sessions

*Business Tips

*Challenge of the Month

*Monthly Tutorials (In addition to your lessons)

*Mindset Topics

*Special discounts on other classes

*Access to Special Live Class Events

*And more……

Imagine having continuous support as you explore and learn about jewelry making.  Even better...a community of like-minded people who cheer you on, connect with you and a cool instructor (me) who is here to help and guide you in unlocking your creativity!

Basic Jewelry:

Many people create jewelry as an expression of themselves, out of frustration of having the same pieces as others, as a form of relaxation or simply as a creative outlet.  I was part of the all of the above list.

I  break down the tools and materials in ways you can understand and help turn confusion into creation.

Wire Wrap 1

In this beginner’s intro course you will learn to use wire to enhance your jewelry making skills.  The techniques we use are easy, artistic and creative.  Each month you will learn a different lesson, a different technique that will build on the previous month’s lesson.  

Wire Wrap 2

In Wire Wrap 2 we explore the jewelry history of each culture.  Why did they wear certain jewelry?  What were they wearing?  What was the symbolism and meaning behind the materials?  It is through deeper understanding that we learn to appreciate cultural artifacts and are proudly able to exhibit beautiful works of wearable art. In other words, it’s time to dig deeper.

Wire Wrap 3

This is the class where we take everything we’ve learned from Wire Wrap 1 & 2 and take it to the next level.  Our focus in this class is also INSPIRATION.  We’ll be spotlighting various artists as the basis for our inspiration and focusing on certain techniques that propel our creativity into the world of museum worthy eclectic pieces of contemporary and modern art. This is going to be a creative journey like never before, I’m so excited.

Monthly Business Tips:

Every month you will learn about new business tips in the form of a workbook with actionable steps and a place to record your thoughts and process.


In addition to your monthly lessons, you will receive a downloadable step-by-step project that you can add to your project collections and create in your spare time without being logged onto your computer.

Mindset Topics:

Being an artist is rewarding but to be honest, it’s about more than just creating, it has a lot to do with mindset too.  Have you ever heard the quote by Henry Ford? “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.”

Every month you’ll receive an article regarding mindset topics and room to journal your thoughts to overcome negative thoughts or inspire you to be the best you ever.  Either way, you’re winning!

Challenge of the Month:

Every month you will embark on a non-stop creative journey that will not only challenge you mentally and creatively but also emotionally.

Inspiration comes from the strangest most interesting places, as you are about to learn.  The way you look at life and things that surround you are about to change.  How? Oh darling, you’ll find that inspiration stems from all of our senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.  Learning how this all helps you to create fabulous pieces from using these senses is what you’re going to learn and how you will create remarkable pieces of art that will surprise you.  Here’s something you also need to know….everything you have is already in you.

Live Q&A classes every month

On the third Saturday of every month we will gather together with other divas in your class in a special live virtual classroom.  Each live will be divided by class level and participants will receive an email invitation to the live classes.  This is our time to connect, ask and answer question, share our projects, and meet others “face-to-face.”

Member's Facebook Group:

In addition to being a part of the live Q& A class sessions, you will be added to our special members only group.  Here you will have the opportunity to meet other classmates, get additional tips and event invites.  You will also have continued access to me, your instructor.

If you aren't sure where to begin in your jewelry journey, no worries, take this short quiz.  You will then receive personalized feedback from me along with a downloadable welcome packet. You will also be invited into the Facebook group, one week before the start of classes,  where you can make formal introductions to the other members.

It would be awesome to have a place to record your jewelry journey! Good news! You can purchase the Jewelry Artist's Planner by clicking the photo below.

If you would like to experience a sample of a few of the monthly workbooks, click the photo below.

As a monthly member, you will receive all of the above mentioned AND discounts on some additional classes.

All Classes Begin October 1, 2018!

A Word From a Few Jewelry Divas...….

"I’d say you’re very patient, knows her stuff, lots of techniques, takes the time to answer questions until you’re satisfied, upbeat, no-nonsense attitude, inspires everyone to achieve and to stay focused on small and big dreams, business-sense, passionate about your art, and driven."  ~Robbin

"My first impressions of the class and your teaching skills where with learning how to wire wrap a bead. How precious that moment of learning how to connect the wire with the bead and make them be happy together with my help. So simple yet so marvelous. Your teaching techniques are one of a kind."  ~Bessie

"You are patient and ensure everyone keeps up." ~Angela S.