Course Description

Hey Sassy Jewelry Divas!  Are you ready to dive into the world of leather?  Well let's get your toes wet and get you comfortable.  

Who is this class for?

This class is for the beginner  that has no experience working with leather.  You will learn:

*How to use tools associated with leather

*How to wire wrap a beads

*How to upcycle leather pieces to create beautiful pieces of wearable art

*And more......

The best part is that you receive a workbook that gives you a place to record ideas, reflect on your progress, challenges your creativity and gives you delicious resources.

In the completion of this course you will:

*have 10 completed projects

*have more confidence in creating

*have a better knowledge of leather and how to care for it

*realize that Angela laughs a lot and tells colorful stories, including the inspiration behind the pieces

*want to stay connected by joining the free Facebook group to share your work and allow the other divas to celebrate you

Jewelry Artist/Instructor

Angela Hamilton

Hey Jewelry Divas!  I'm Angela and I will be your instructor for your courses.  I'm so glad you decided to join us.  Teaching jewelry has been my passion other than creating wearable art.  I love helping others learn techniques, open up their creative spirits and make jewelry making easy and enjoyable.  Unlocking the creative abilities of those who didn't think they had a creative side is what I live for.  Creating colorful language and stories is one of my greatest strategies for assisting my students in learning.  I hope to work with you soon.  Oh...don't forget to bring the clique:  The Alligator, The Cleaner, and The Cutter, three main characters in our creative stories. (Wink)Frequently Asked QuestionsIs there a specific start and end date?The course begins as soon as we receive payment and there is no end date.  This is a self-paced course so you complete it in your own time.How long do I have access to the course?You have lifetime access to it.   After your enrollment you will be able to access it whenever you want and however many times you'd like.Hey Angela what if I get into the course and realize it's not for me?  I need you to be a happy Jewelry Diva not an unhappy one.  No worries, you have 10 days to contact me with your request for a full refund.Angela is there a way I can reach you with questions?Jewelry Diva I make it my business to be available for you and the other Divas. Use my contact information listed below and let's chat it up.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Hey Sassy Diva...Welcome!

  • 2

    What the Fringe?!

    • Awesome Leather Fringe Earrings

    • Download: Step-By-Step Fringe Earrings Instructions

  • 3

    Hey! Meet Me At The Bar.

    • This Bar Has Leather-Leather Bar Earrings

    • Sticks and Cages

  • 4

    Time to Get Funky!

    • A Diva With Nothing To Prove bracelet

    • The Roller and The Mat

    • A Fearless Diva Wears Spikes necklace

    • They Circled Around Her earrings

  • 5

    Quiet Divas Have Style Too

    • Not Your Average Plain Jane bracelet

    • Just a Swirl and a Touch of Sass earrings

    • This Diva Has Charm bracelet

  • 6

    I Am SO Feelin' Myself! What's Next?